Hello! Welcome to the Critique blog. Here you will find a portfolio of my academic work in Mindfulness & Meditation, Music Performance Anxiety, Music Education, and Critical Pedagogy. 


Westminster Abbey


Check out the compiled bibliographies I've come up with. Here you can find an extensive database of all the literature that supports my research. If you have a suggestion to add, drop me a line and we'll find a spot for it!

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Featured Articles & Books


This section will feature a curated collection of articles and books that attempt to illuminate some the most relevant and critical arguments in the discourse. This section will feature graduate student essays and newly published works. 





Critique.Blog is my most recent publication in progress. In this blog, I will discuss our history and the societal forces that helped shape it. I'm very interested in investigating how this history has had an effect on our perception of our realities and how we choose to behave in it.