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Dion J. Flores is a music education and critical pedagogy researcher with graduate degrees in music education and performance and teaching experience from Canada and the United Kingdom. 


Research Interests: music education, mindfulness & meditation, music performance anxiety, cognitive psychology, critical pedagogy, history of consciousness, philosophy, sociology, literacy, movement, physiology of mental health, phenomenology, and human rights.


Current work: Socio-cultural, psychological, and physiological implications of oppression on human consciousness.

The neurological impairment caused by oppression and inter-generational subjugation.

The psychopathology of white supremacy and the neurological impairment.

Choral pop singing and co-investigation between the teacher and student as a vehicle for regaining and building critical musical consciousness.

Oppression of classical musicians, music performance anxiety, and mindfulness & meditation.


Published Works:

Flores, D.J. (2018). Failing to be perfect: The role of mindfulness and meditation in music performance (Graduate Essay). Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL. 

Flores, D.J. (2018, September 18). The Profile and Pathology of the Oppressed Musician. Critique.Blog: London, United Kingdom.

Flores, D.J. (2018). Instagram video series on mindfulness & meditation, music education, and critical pedagogy. Accessible at https://www.instagram.com/dionjflores/